Research Interests.

Game Theory, Matching Theory, Networks, Art Market Studies, Quantum Groups, Economics of Communication and Information


[1] Jagadeesan, R., Vocke, K.
Stability in large markets,
accepted at Review of Economic Studies (2023).

[2] Lentner, S., Vocke, K.
A Family of New Borel Subalgebras of Quantum Groups.
Algebras and Representation Theory (2020). 

Work in Progress.

[3] Vocke, K.
Anonymity and stability in large many-to-many markets,
to appear soon.(Job-market paper) 

[4] Greinecker, M., Vocke, K.
Stable many-to-many matching in large type spaces,
to appear soon. 

[5] Vocke, K.
A microfoundation for stability concepts,
to appear soon. 

[6] Lentner, S., Vocke, K.
On Borel Subalgebras of Quantum Groups,
preprint(2019) arxiv:1905.05867. 

[7] Vocke, K.
On Right Coideal Subalgebras of Quantum Groups,
preprint(2017) arxiv:1804.10007.